360 Cashmere

The 360 CASHMERE collection offers a superb selection of 100% cashmere sweaters and pullovers, as well as cardigans crafted with extreme softness. Additionally, they offer organic cotton sweaters, supima cotton camisoles, and blouses made from a cotton-cashmere blend. Cashmere wool is widely regarded as the world's most luxurious fiber, known for its lightness and unparalleled softness.

Originating from New York, the 360 CASHMERE brand draws deep inspiration from the iconic lifestyle of the American West Coast. It has gained renown for its relaxed yet highly fashionable luxury knitwear.

Founded by Leslie and Bruce Gifford, accompanied by their children Andrew and Alex, the brand benefits from four generations of fashion expertise within the Gifford family.

Their love and passion for knitwear made from luxurious materials such as cashmere, combined with their expertise in global sourcing and fashion marketing, have propelled the brand to success and solidified its position in the contemporary women's knitwear industry.

At Le WeekEnd Collections, we truly appreciate the comfort and warmth that cashmere wool garments provide. Sweaters by 360 CASHMERE embody a cocoon of softness, creating a chic, elegant, timeless, and subtly seductive look. These unique and contemporary pieces are remarkably gentle on the skin and pair effortlessly with high-quality jeans, boots, shoes, and designer bags to achieve a flawless ensemble.

We invite you to discover the entire collection in store!