BEBLUE jewels are genuine gems handcrafted in Montreal, Quebec, perpetuating centuries-old jewelry-making traditions. Each piece is crafted with meticulous care to preserve traditional artisanal methods. BEBLUE bracelets are created from exceptional materials such as mother-of-pearl, freshwater pearls, gemstones, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver (925), 14-carat gold-plated sterling silver, and  other noble materials. 

Every choice is carefully made to guarantee impeccable quality and dazzling brilliance.

Founded in 2009, BEBLUE was born of AMBRE CADOUX's passion for elegant, original jewelry. This passion dates to her youth, when she spent time in a jewelry shop in the Marais district of Paris owned  by family friends. It was there that her fascination for the world of jewelry took root.

Since the creation of BEBLUE, the designer has drawn inspiration from her travels around the world. This constant exploration of cultures and aesthetics has enabled her to create a collection of high-end jewelry where finesse and elegance meet in harmony. Each piece of BEBLUE jewelry tells a story and perfectly complements a woman's outfit.

To guarantee creations of unrivalled beauty, combining aesthetics and craftsmanship, the founder of BEBLUE surrounds herself with a team of passionate and meticulous jewelers and craftsmen. Each piece of BEBLUE jewelry is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the team's dedication to creating exceptional pieces.

When you choose a BEBLUE BRACELET, BEBLUE ring or BEBLUE earrings, you are acquiring a unique jewel of timeless elegance.

We invite you to discover the entire collection in store!


1573 Earrings - BeBlue

Embrace your femininity with the Lilac Bloom collection. Adorn your ears with these beautiful 1573 Kunzite earrings and their vibrant colour.

Composition: Long earrings in 925 silver with Heirloom design and Kunzite pendant.


    Be Balmy Bracelet - BeBlue

    For a moment of softness, opt for the Solar Blue collection. The Be Balmy bracelet is the perfect blend of sterling silver and blue crystals that add a touch of colour.

    Composition: Blue crystal bracelet with faceted sterling silver beads.


      Be Candied Bracelet - BeBlue

      Shine with the Golden Garden collection. Iconic, the Be Confit piece never goes out of fashion!

      Composition: Mother of pearl and citrine bracelet with sterling silver details.


        Be Generous Bracelet - BeBlue

        Assume your femininity with the Lilac Bloom collection. Combining silver and lepidolite, the Be Generous bracelet is the perfect compromise to perfect your desires.

        Composition : Bracelet made of 925 silver beads and lepidolite discs inserts.


          Be Sleek Bracelet - BeBlue

          Be luminous with the Golden Garden collection. The transparent Be Sleek bracelet is illuminated by mother-of-pearl inserts.

          Composition: Citrine bracelet and mother-of-pearl inserts with 925 silver details.


            Be Vivid Bracelet - BeBlue

            Assume your femininity with the Lilac Bloom collection. Be Vivid invites you to assert yourself and become aware that you are unique!

            Composition: Kunzite bracelet with lepidolite round inserts and 925 silver details.


              Be Fresh Necklace - BeBlue

              Be bright with the Golden Garden collection. The beautiful Be Fresh necklace is the perfect piece to take with you on your sunny days. It will fit any occasion thanks to its freshwater pearl which brings a touch of subtlety.

              Composition: Citrine and freshwater pearl short necklace with 925 silver details.


                Be Refined Necklace - BeBlue

                Embrace your femininity with the Lilac Bloom collection. The double chain, Be Refined, is an invitation to be confident and to show your elegant side every day.

                Composition: Double chain in 14kt gold vermeil with Heirloom charm and clear quartz.


                  Be Seductive Necklace - BeBlue

                  Let your love be expressed through the Amore collection. The Be Seductive chain will bring out your seductive side with its fine crystals.

                  Composition: 925 silver chain with Love charm and freshwater pearl. On the back, a sliding silicone ball allows you to adjust the chain to the desired length.


                    Be Soft Necklace - BeBlue

                    Be bright with the Golden Garden collection. Elegant, the Be Soft chain is an ode to sunny days, bringing a touch of light with its mother-of-pearl inserts.

                    Composition: 925 silver short chain with mother-of-pearl inserts.


                      Be Dainty Necklace - BeBlue

                      This chain isn't just jewelry; it's a playground of possibilities. Adorn it with charms to create a personalized masterpiece that reflects your unique style. Whether you're feeling playful or elegant, the Be Dainty Chain is your versatile companion. Customize, express, and wear your individuality with pride.

                      Composition :  14kt Gold Vermeil


                        Necklace - BeBlue

                        Composition : Mother-of-pearl and opal short necklace with rose quartz Goute charm and 925 silver or 14kt gold plated details.


                          Be Celebrated Bracelet - BeBlue

                          Be on vacation all year long with the Amalfi Breeze collection. Our Be Celebrated bracelet in Aqua Terra Jasper will give you courage and protection.

                          Composition:  Aqua Terra Jasper bracelet with details in sterling silver and Heart charm.


                            Be Effortless Bracelet - BeBlue

                            Be on vacation all year long with the Amalfi Breeze collection. Our signature Be Effortless bracelet reinvents itself in a new color ideal for this summer. It is the perfect combo between trend and timeless.

                            Composition: Bracelet in agate with paperclip chain in sterling silver.