PUROTATTO is an Italian fashion house dedicated to contemporary women who appreciate understated elegance. The clothes and belts from this Italian brand combine the quality of the fabrics and leathers used with the timeless beauty of their design, adding a touch of elegance to every outfit.

The story of PUROTATTO began in 2009. Drawing on a wealth of experience in the textile industry, Sabintima, a family-run business that has been manufacturing clothing for over 50 years for renowned international brands, decided to capitalize on its decades-long expertise and create its own brand.

Extensive research was conducted on 100% natural materials with the aim of creating comfortable, natural, soft, and meticulously crafted garments, with a keen focus on the latest trends. This pursuit of excellence defines the very mission of the company.

PUROTATTO offers a comprehensive collection of women's ready-to-wear, targeting the medium to high-end market segment. Its creations are aimed at a clientele that appreciates fashion but is primarily concerned with the quality and naturalness of the materials used.

The fashion house also presents leather belts that are characterized by their understated elegance and classic, timeless look. The quality of the leathers used by PUROTATTO is simply remarkable. The brand carefully selects the finest, most supple hides from the finest Italian tanneries. The buckles on PUROTATTO belts highlight the quality and finesse of the design.

The use of milk fiber perfectly exemplifies the brand's commitment to an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fabrics. This material, employed since the beginning, is exceptionally gentle on the skin and provides unparalleled comfort.

Throughout the collections, PUROTATTO strives to strike a perfect balance between essentials such as t-shirts and more luxurious pieces in jersey, cashmere, silk, and wool for winter, as well as cotton and linen for summer.

The selection of fabrics and Italian craftsmanship in finishing touches are entrusted to skilled artisans who approach each piece in the collection with passion and expertise. This constitutes the true strength of PUROTATTO.

At Le WeekEnd Collections, we chose the PUROTATTO collection for the quality of the leathers and the fabrics used and the finesse and beauty of the garments offered by this Italian brand. Luxury in simplicity. PUROTATTO - Pure pleasure to wear.

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