A little gem of a boutique where European collections hold the upper hand!

Le WeekEnd Collections is the ultimate destination for women looking for stylish and exclusive clothing that combines refinement, comfort, and conviviality for a chic or casual look.

Located on Principale Street in Magog for nearly 40 years, the boutique has always enjoyed an enviable reputation, and even more so since the current owner Julie-Claude Noreau took over the reins of the company in 2006.

Since then, the collections found in boutique are finely curated by the owner from exclusively European brands to please a refined clientele that makes no compromise on style, impeccable cuts, and quality.

A committed businesswoman with a bachelor's degree in fashion marketing, Julie-Claude Noreau wants each visit to the boutique to be more than a shopping experience, but a destination where every woman will find everything she was looking for!

Its mission: to ensure that each woman benefits from a personalized shopping experience, in a setting designed to please the eyes, in addition to benefiting from the services of fashion professionals.