Hubert Gasser

The family business HUBERT GASSER, which is based in Bolzano, is the epitome of exquisite design and artisanal craftsmanship manufactured solely in Italy. Thanks to its unique style and highest quality standards, the brand radiants elegance throughout its collection.

Hubert Gasser who specialized and began production of blouses in the 70s, has always paid close attention to detail in all of their creations.  Founded in 1976, the luxury clothing brand is known for its noble and natural yarns. These days, cotton and linen are popular summertime especially for their dresses, knitwear and blouses. In winter, merino and cashmere knits as well as wool, cotton and jersey clothing merit to be highlighted, furthering the rich heritage of Italian knitwear.

Every piece that Hubert Gasser individually designs draws inspiration from its outside surroundings. The house's signature colours are the beige of the Mediterranean beach, the white of the snow at the Dolomites' peaks, and the blue of natural springs. 

At Le WeekEnd Collections, the HUBERT GASSER collection seduces us with its sophisticated, minimalist pieces that symbolise everyday elegance - Hubert Gasser in every season.

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