Fil Noir

The FIL NOIR blouse collection is a piece of Italian sartorial culture. Founded in 1899 in Certaldo, Tuscany, this family-owned business boasts a century-old expertise thanks to the hard work of the Manzini brothers, Luca and Lorenzo, who took over their father's men's underwear factory at the time.

Although it has been under the management of the German company Swiss hest GmbH since 2012, the FIL NOIR brand has retained its family values, advocating for the spirit of artisanal production, high-quality Italian cotton fabrics, a love for playful details, aesthetics, purity, and a passion for creating classic blouses with a vintage touch.

An interesting fact: the FIL NOIR brand owes its name to its history!

After the family factory was destroyed by an earthquake in the early 20th century, the two brothers began sewing white shirts with the only remaining thread they had, which happened to be black thread, the "FIL NOIR."

The white shirts with black stitching, which perfectly complemented black suits, quickly became favorites among Parisian businessmen. Everyone wanted this particular shirt with the "FIL NOIR." This marked the beginning of a brand... that was ultimately decimated by the First World War, only to be resurrected a century later under the ownership of Swiss hest GmbH.

At Le WeekEnd Collections, we admire brands that possess such a rich history and invaluable craftsmanship. Despite being a century-old brand, this Italian label has adapted to modern women's fashion and the environmental values of the industry. FIL NOIR holds the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification for eco-friendly and fair production and uses only ingredients and materials that have been tested for the absence of harmful substances in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

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