XPOOOS socks are more than just socks. They are the embodiment of originality, style, and uniqueness, enabling every woman to convey a message through her clothing style. Whether you pick the XPOOOS  standard socks, the short socks, or even the ankle socks and footies: all XPOOOS creations are synonymous with comfort and softness when worn.

Each pair of XPOOOS socks is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, giving them not only a distinction and expression,  but also an undeniable elegance and modernity.

With each new collection, XPOOOS offers original designs for women that elevate the concept of the sock to a true work of art. That's why the brand's slogan, XPOOO S - The Art of Socks, is so fitting.

XPOOOS women's socks feature a multitude of designs, from playful to romantic, eccentric to classic, even subtle masterpieces. Each pair is a true style statement.

And did you know that the three O's in XPOOOS stand for ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC and AVANT-GARDE?  They perfectly sum up the brand, which sets itself apart by offering daring women the ultimate in high-end socks.

XPOOOS is much more than just a brand of socks. It's the art of socks, an invitation to express your personality, creativity, and unique style through an often-overlooked accessory.

We invite you to discover the entire collection in store!


Donatella Socks

Step into the world of playful fashion with our Donatella women's socks! With Trendy Line Art, these socks add a touch of fun to every step you take. Let your feet dance in style while enjoying the comfort and liveliness of the Donatella socks. Whether you are looking for a quirky detail for your outfit or just some extra joy for your feet, these socks are ready!

Composition : 63% polyester, 33% cotton, 2% elastane, 1% polyamide, 1% lurex


    Retro Flowers Socks

     Dive back in the style of the 70s with our Retro Flowers women's socks! These delicious retro socks bring the cheerfulness of the past to your steps today. Let your own unique style bloom with the colorful design and the comfort that these socks offer. Whether you are a retro lover or just want to add some flair to your outfit, these socks bring back the good vibes of the 70's!

    Composition : 64% polyester, 34% cotton, 2% elastane


      Dog Taxi Socks

      Get ready for a French ride full of pleasure with the Dog Taxi women's shortsocks! Be enchanted by the magic of Paris while a cute dog swings through the streets, along the famous Eiffel Tower. Whether you are a fan of Paris, cute dogs, or just of the perfect combination, these shortsens are for you. Discover a touch of French elegance at every step with the Dog Taxi Ladies Short Socks, which are just as invisible in your favorite shoes as the Eiffel Tower in the Fog!

      Composition : 55% polyester, 43% cotton, 1% polyamide, 1% elastane


        True Beauty Socks

        Enter spring with a wink with the True Beauty women's socks! With a flowery pattern, these socks bring the ultimate spring touch to your outfit. The socks come just above the ankle, so that they give a playful and fun appearance to your sneakers. Let those spring vibes come!

        Composition : 74% polyester, 24% cotton, 1% polyamide, 1% lurex