• BeBlue


    BEBLUE jewels are genuine jewels handcrafted in Montreal in 925 silver, 14kt gold, leather, pearls and gemstones. 

  • Brax


    BRAX is a renowned German brand widely recognized for its collection of high-quality clothing, with a particular focus on jeans and pants.

  • Cambio


    A collection of German pants that stands out for its original patterns, perfect cuts, refined finish, high-quality trendy materials, and unique details.

  • Cinzia Rocca

    Cinzia Rocca

    CINZA ROCCA offers a superb selection of handbags, purses and bags made from luxury Italian leatheré. Shop the Italian collection now.

  • Creenstone


    Creenstone is a Dutch women's fashion brand specialized in outerwear. A collection created for women by women. The sophisticated and unique look of Creenstone coats will dress you in style while protecting you from the elements.  

  • Des Petits Hauts

    Des Petits Hauts

    Des Petits Hauts is a French collection of little tops, each one prettier than the next. The styles are romantic and whimsical. The materials are soft, silky, and light.  The colours are exclusive and refined.

  • Fil Noir

    Fil Noir

    The Fil Noir blouse collection is a piece of Italian clothing culture. Quality of cuts and materials without compromise.

  • Frieda & Freddies

    Frieda & Freddies

    Originally from the East Coast of the United States and inspired by the Miami and New York lifestyle, Frieda & Freddies specializes in the design of colorful coats and jackets. The collection also offers ultra-feminine blouses and lightweight knits.

  • Hubert Gasser
  • Ilse Jacobsen

    Ilse Jacobsen

    Ilse Jacobsen is a Danish collection inspired by nature. She specializes in rainwear. She also offers beautiful bags, shoes and sandals. It is a nice balance between Scandinavian lifestyle, Danish design, and modern urban life.

  • Juvia


    JUVIA is a luxury loungewear label specializing in stylish “easy-to-wear” fashion. This elegant, yet comfortable collection offers versatile styles with endless possibilities.

  • Luisa Cerano

    Luisa Cerano

    Luisa Cerano is a German collection for a unique, feminine, and casual style. You will find key pieces for an impeccably composed wardrobe.

  • Marc Cain

    Marc Cain

    A German collection that offers a multitude of coordinate options from a more classic style to a more eccentric look. At Marc Cain you will find everything you need, from a blouse to a chic suit, from weekend coordinates to workout clothes.

  • Max Volmary

    Max Volmary

    Max Volmary is a German chic casual collection. Max Volmary creates luxurious blouses, elegant dresses, and stylish tops, in high-quality materials.

  • Moment Amsterdam

    Moment Amsterdam

    Moment Amsterdam is a Dutch collection of scarves. Their design workshop is based in Amsterdam and manufacturing is in India and Italy.

  • Monari


    Monari is a German collection of casual and simple clothing made with passion and inspiring joie de vivre and attention to detail.

  • Oui


    OUI brand is a unique and distinctive German clothing collection offering refined materials, cuts and details for a more contemporary style to a more glamorous look.

  • Princess Goes Hollywood

    Princess Goes Hollywood

    Princess Goes Hollywood is a fun Swiss collection. It offers a multitude of knitwear with a strong identity and a fine touch of glamour.  

  • Purotatto


    Purotatto is an Italian fashion house dedicated to contemporary women who love sober elegance. The strength of the brand lies in the choice of fabrics and their manufacture, in the difference in the details. Their motto: pure pleasure to wear.

  • Raffaello Rossi

    Raffaello Rossi

    German trousers collection. Being and looking good in your skin: this happy marriage makes the fame of this line of trousers, sublimating the silhouette of every woman. 

  • Repeat


    Repeat offers knitted garments made from noble materials such as cashmere, high quality wool and other high-end natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk.

  • Saint James

    Saint James

    Saint James is a French collection inspired by the sea. Saint James is one of the oldest houses of French savoir-faire, the brand is an ambassador of the maritime tradition. 

  • Tonet


    In the heart of Veneto, among the vineyards of Prosecco, in a charming ancient village, a small artisanal knitting workshop was born. 

    The «Made in Italy» is the strong point of the brand: the company maintains in Italy the entire production process to guarantee the highest quality of materials and finishes.

  • Twinset
  • Xpooos


    XPOOOS socks feature designs ranging from playful to romantic, eccentric to classic.